The works that Nadia Bellin presents in this exhibition are almost a mirror of her soul, a dwelling place of peletual profundity, serenity, and joy,

Art, and painting is no exception, is always a message and always a fertile dialogue, but these paintings usher us into a new dimension, traced out of vital impulses and harmonies, The design and structural elements are quite simple, yet always expressed through the joy of light, colours, flowers, where the vantage of a Venetian balcony becomes a place to roam the universe,

Bellin has a unique ability to wander the reachos of the greater world, illuminating and giving life to small spaces, rendering small things infinite; like an invitation to tread as lightly as possible, so that each blade of grass may be preserved. Hence, an ability all her own to be completely true to oneself in the quick brushatrokes, in the intense blues of the skies, in the goldon sands, Her art is like a continual revelation of the self, a dosire to transfuse into us all an infinite joy that, only through simplicity, makes it possible to reveal ourselves to ourselves.

And the message that counts, for Nadia Bellin, remains a single, universal one:' the capacity to love and to give love